Life update

“I’m baaaaaaaaaack”

That came off far creepier than I intended it to.

Whatever, here I am.. And A LOT has changed since we last spoke.

So first off, your girl only went and got MARRIED!

I know, who would marry me, right? Well he’s amazing, gorgeous and he planned the entire thing.

I don’t know what I’m allowed to say right now but there’s a certain tv show, dedicated to men planning weird and sometimes wonderful weddings for their future wives, that we may or may not be featured on (WE MAY, just in case you didn’t get that) For now though, that’s all I can say.

NEXT, I switched up life and went and got myself a new job.

I’m focusing on modelling as my priority right now & I am loving doing something so creative & fun as a “job”. I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing, talented people doing it and I feel like as a result my confidence is really growing!

It also has given me a chance to style LOTS of outfits which I obviously LOVE doing.

Here’s some of my work below ☺️ All styling done by me.

but you know, a girls gotta pay bills & buy shoes, so I’m working for a department store as a personal shopper too.

Obviously… I’m never too far away from some form of styling an outfit.

And finally,

I’m still fighting the daily grind that is mental illness, but I feel like my outlook has shifted, today at least.

I’m trying to focus on all of the positives in my life & there are many. There are times when it’s difficult & I forget how lucky I am but I can definitely feel a change in the wind. (is that even a saying?)

I’ll keep you updated about that, good or bad days.

I’m glad to be back, writing again, posting again, scribbling goal lists & post ideas in cute notebooks.

Thank you guys for putting up with the on-off relationship I have with this blog but it’s my baby & I always come back to it,

Ellé. X


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